A new breed of technology for people and the planet.


Good Tech is the best potential solution for a real need, avoiding harm to humans as well as planet earth. It is built from sustainable materials, designed to be repaired, to last long, and to be fully recycable.

The Good Tech Alliance innovates, accelerates and scales these solutions so that they become ready-to-order and a true alternative for everyone.

research and development

The Good Tech Alliance fosters a community of makers, designers, engineers and scientists who innovate, develop and prototype good tech. In the long term the aim is to substitute

consumer and household goods with good tech alternatives. Currently the main focus lies on basic needs for off-grid environments.

SunZilla is a mobile solar generator. It is designed for off-grid energy production in remote areas, outdoor events, refugee camps or in disaster relief situations.

It’s open source, portable, modular and easy-to-use with a plug-and-play approach.

Learn more at:
www.sunzilla.de >

XYZ OPEN CITY is an open source, modular, low cost system that serves as a basic framework to implement a wide range of functional modules.

It enables people to quickly setup a stable structure in any kind of environment. Building materials can be new or recycled.

Learn more at:
www.n55.dk >

Enjoy long, hot showers while saving water and energy with this open source, hot water recycling system for super efficient personal hygiene. The shower adapter captures the hot water from the drain, purifies it with an antibacterial filter, and pumps it directly back to the showerhead.

The recycled water is of high quality, exceeds USA and EU standards for drinking water and consumes 10 times less energy and water compared to a normal shower.

Learn more at:
www.showerloop.org >

piloting and testing

Prototypes are being implemented in realistic use case scenarios to test their functionality from a user perspective and gain insights for further iterations. To establish a permanent

testing ground the good tech alliance collaboratively acquired a 180.000sqm large project space between Hamburg and Berlin: The former Zukunftszentrum Nieklitz.

Learn more at:

visit / help

The project community is currently doing the groundwork - setting up basic infrastructure and reviving the area. Are you looking for a beautiful and still a bit improvised environment ? Or would you like to visit and give us a hand? Please contact Jannis (jannis@openstate.cc)

good tech accelerator

We are currently structuring a first of its kind accelerator program focussing on transparent, modular, long-lasting, sustainable products. A tailor-made six-months acceleration process,

experienced mentors, and a dedicated community of 300+ tinkerers, coders, and nerds will be at your disposal with only one mission: bringing sustainable tech into mainstream.


We will accept applications for the first GT 2017 batch right here from January to February 2017. We´ll inform you about the launch if you submit your email.

scaling good tech

Obviously better technology will only make a difference if it´s actually used by many people. Therefore scaling new products is a key aspect of what we do.

For years we saw way too much real potential of open technology living in the shadows of some nerdy niche…

I. To scale, ventures need money.

Depending from the specifics together with our partners we offer barter deals, sponsorings, investment with and without equity or revenue shares, or any other setup it takes to reach our goals together.

II. To scale, ventures need more than just money.

We consider the following four aspects to be key to truly innovative, sustainable business around good tech and therefore will research them and their potential effects in-depth in 2017.

good tech alliance

The Good Tech Alliance is a joint venture between many practioners and supporters of open hardware initiatives. They range from individuals, to

communities, companies, universities and foundations. We are happy to introduce the growing alliance and invite you to join!